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The Importance of Mowing your Lawn Regularly

It's a great feeling to walk outside, look around the neighborhood, and know that you have the best lawn on the block. That's the kind of feeling we like to give here at Without Compare Lawncare. Did you know that there are several reasons why you should get your lawn mowed regularly. We don't just mean cosmetically, it actually makes your grass healthier. The healthier your grass is the greener and more full it will look.

Strong Grass

The optimal grass height cut is 3 inches. When you cut your lawn regularly the healthiest grass shoots will thrive leaving behind the weaker grass shoots to grow. The more you get your lawn cut the more vibrant and healthy it will become over time.

Even Growth

No one wants a yard that is patchy and uneven. The way to prevent this is to mow your lawn frequently. When you mow your lawn to a 3 inch level regularly, it will evenly disperse energy given by sunlight and water. If your grass is too long it can make it harder for sunlight and rain to make its way to the grass in some areas. Keeping your lawn level will help photosynthesis take its course throughout the whole lawn.

Grass Mulching

When you cut your grass, you have grass left behind. If your grass is too long it can make it harder for your grass to absorb the nutrients from this mulching. In small clippings you can find more nutrients and it absorbs into your lawn, benefiting it quicker and more efficiently. Our mowers have a grass mulching feature to ensure your lawn is getting the benefit of this every time we mow your lawn.

Quick Recovery

Your lawn can go through any kind of number of problems throughout the year such as insect infestation to bad weather. Having a healthy lawn by having it mowed regularly ensures it to have a fast recovery. The longer your lawn goes with out tender loving care the longer it's going to take for it to bounce back from these events.

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